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We believe that #loveislove & that every union of all religions is worthy. Any kind of wedding you want, we can make it happen! 


-Legal Ceremony:  A legal process lacking a religious character to it.  You will need to have some legal paper work ready to get marry.

-Catholic Ceremony:  One of the most important details to celebrate a Catholic wedding is the Mass, and you can choose between a chapel inside a hotel or a rustic hacienda, or a traditional Mexican church in the city or countryside.   

-Christian Ceremony:  Declare your love and commitment in front of your family and friends. We have different venues to celebrate this ceremony and get the blessing of the pastor. 

-Hindu or South Asian Ceremonies: Such a traditional and colourful ceremony can be even more fantastic if celebrated abroad, make this special day one to remember for a lifetime. 

-Jewish Ceremonies: Mazel Tov! We have everything to celebrate your Jewish wedding, including Tish, Ketubah, B'deken, Huppah, Kiddushin, Sheva B'rachot, Yihud.

-Intercultural Ceremonies: A merging of two religions, its rituals, and cultural customs. We can organize it all so you can celebrate the union of love.

-Symbolic Ceremonies: Ceremonies without religious or legal purposes; from the renewal of vows with your partner, to simply celebrate the joy of being together, these ceremonies are full of love. Choose your favorite venue and celebrate your magical union.

-Mayan Ceremonies: Having a Pre-Hispanic Mayan ceremony is to get in touch with the roots of an old culture. The symbolic ceremony is lead by a shaman. During the ceremony flowers, candles and copal are used while a shaman evokes the four elements to exchange the vows.


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